Animal World Alligator 175pc


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LaQ Animal World Alligator 175pc

LaQ Animal World Alligator 175pc

Discover the wild with the 4-in-1 Alligator set
Alligator is a great beginner set in the Animal World collection. This set includes 175 pieces and comes with a booklet of instructions to make 4 models - Alligator, Frilled Lizard, Frog and Snake-necked Turtle. The Alligator model has moving action - with movable jaw, legs and tail, making it fun to play after building.

The Animal World collection is a series to build and collect small, large and dangerous animals from the wild. There are mammals, reptiles, amphibians and avian species, and animals from all around the world. The Koala and Lion Mask (Wild Kingdom), Tiger (Tiger) are also popular, while others love the poisonous Redback Spider and Death Stalker scorpion (Venom) - what's your favourite?

Recommended Age: 5 yrs - adults



LaQ (pronounced as La Kyuu) is a very simple, yet highly creative and tactile construction toy.

Its uniqueness comes from using just 7 types of block parts (2 base parts and 5 connector parts) to make an infinite possibility of creative 2D to 3D models. The sounds from connecting parts (Snap! And Click!) makes building a fun and satisfying experience.  LaQ allows kids to start with simple shapes, and then rapidly imagine and build their own creations. The largest sets have complex 3D models that challenge teenagers and adults alike.

LaQ pieces make a fun snapping noise when putting the pieces together. A child will know that the pieces are firmly connected with this snapping noise, and this “SNAP!” will encourage the child to continue creating a personal toy. Piecing together these parts are not only great fun, but helps a child learn how to concentrate through creative play.

Its simplicity, high quality, 12 vibrant colours, and the tactile "snap and click" experience when connecting parts, make it fun and addictive.

  • LaQ is invented, design and made in Japan by Yoshiritsu. It is the 2nd biggest construction toy brand in Japan. It has been available in Japan for over 25 years, through >3500 retail outlets and bookstores
  • It is now distributed internationally to over 27 countries including Europe, USA and Asia
  • LaQ has been used in childcare centres and schools across many different countries for educational value and fun
  • LaQ was invented using the concepts of Japanese traditional wooden architecture and the Japanese cultural custom of recycling. Japanese traditional wooden architecture is based on connecting pillars and sliding doors at angles, using a common base of part types and building complexity from there. Western buildings were made by stacking in brick and mortar style.


LaQ blocks are fun to build, fun to take apart, and rebuild again and again!

The "Q" in LaQ is for the Japanese word "kyuu" which means sphere, and LaQ is completely unique in how the blocks can create spherical geometric shapes using a minimum number of parts. A sphere is the most infinite shape of all polyhedral objects, and LaQ is the ultimate block to explore the possibilities in creating from a child's imagination.


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