Kid+ Hi Dimension Grey

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Bobux Kid+ Hi Dimension Grey

A collaboration of leather, advanced materials and innovative technology createsBobux Kid+ Hi Dimension Grey- the most comfortable high top for active feet. The award-winning design utilises the natural properties of Merino to keep kids' feet healthy while an abrasion-resistant toe cap and a polyester outer maximises durability. These cutting-edge Kid+ trainers look great with an active outfit.

  • Twin-faced fabric with Merino inner and polyester outer.
  • Durable binder for strength in high-flex areas.
  • High top Merino inner sock wicks away moisture and prevents odour.
  • Strap closure provides easy open and adjustability.
  • Awarded Gold in 2017 Best Design Awards.



Bobux make shoes that are the best thing parents can do for their kids feet.
Bobux have been at it since 1991. That year Chris and Colleen Bennett designed the world's first all leather Soft Sole for their daughter, Chloe, and it's been a story of innovation and phenomenal growth ever since.
Flash forward to present day Bobux and you'll see a company constantly striving to learn more about healthy foot development and leveraging this knowledge to design kids shoes that are genuine objects of desire for mums.
Bobux love good design. Bobux love challengingthemselves to design shoes that are both stylish and good for kids.

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