32cm Anatomically Correct Doll Caucasian Boy


Miniland 32cm Anatomically Correct Doll Caucasian Boy

32cm Anatomically Correct Doll Caucasian Boy is designed to teach children about family and diversity. Made in Spain, this anatomically correct doll is vanilla scented to smell like a newly-born baby. The baby has an articulated head, arms and legs and is full-bodied vinyl.

Made in phytalates free vinyl, it's soft and flexible to the touch.  This doll comes unclothed in a poly bag.

Height – 32cm


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Miniland accompany every child from the moment they first open their eyes.
For Miniland, parenting and education symbolize the motors of the future.
Every child is a galaxy. And shines with his or her own light.
Caring for and teaching children does not mean protecting or indoctrinating them: It means admiring and connecting with them to let their talent flow.
And growth, a collective journey of discovery.

Miniland are a brand dedicated to the community of families and educators. It is time to celebrate that both we and they have our lives ahead.
And to create meaningful moments. 
Growing together and enjoying life.
So every child can grow with their own light.


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