Old Soles

Pave Jane, Black Patent

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Old Soles Pave Jane Black Patent

Old Soles Pave Jane Black Patent

A fantastic pre and first walker! These gorgeous shoes are made from 100% soft genuine leather and provide flexibility and comfort for growing feet. The thin rubber sole allows for unheeded movement and natural foot development. 

Old Soles provides protection for little toes with a breathable leather lining and padded leather insole, absorbing moisture in summer and keeping feet cosy in winter. 

From birth through the first year of life or so, babies’ feet are quite different from adult feet.

They are wider and fatter, while their bones are undeveloped.

Soft, pliable shoes protect their fragile feet and give them unrestricted movement as they learn to sit up and crawl.

Old Soles sizes in this range go from Pram to Two Years Old.


Old Soles

Old Soles are designed in Australia, with a team of extensive fashion industry experience that means they are able to draw from the best of adult catwalks around the globe, then translate these ideas into fashion for little footwear.

Old Soles love and know fashion inside and out season to season – what’s in, what people are wearing and what they are not. The style of our range changes seasonally, but the superior quality of our product doesn’t.

Little Feet Walk the Earth and they are our future. We strive to give them the best start possible creating that future.


Old Soles Size Charts Here


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