Old Soles

The Local, Silver

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Old Soles The Local Silver

Old Soles The Local Silver

All kids develop differently ‰ÛÒ and their feet do too. A thinned out, stronger foot needs a shoe that's a comfortable size with support in all the right places, as walking develops into running, jumping, kicking and climbing.

There's also the matter of taste ‰ÛÒ some kids prefer a less structured shoe like a sandal, while others prefer firmer footwear ‰ÛÒ so Old Soles caters to both.

Old Soles

Old Soles are designed in Australia,with a team of extensive fashion industry experience that meansthey are able to draw from the best of adult catwalks around the globe, then translate these ideas into fashion for little footwear.

Old Soleslove and know fashion inside and out season to season ‰ÛÒ what's in, what people are wearing and what they are not. The style of our range changes seasonally, but the superior quality of our product doesn't.

Little Feet Walk the Earth and they are our future. We strive to give them the best start possible creating that future.

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